Branding Expert Daymon John- Celebrities Who Brand Themselves

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Daymond_JohnBranding expert Daymond John talks a lot about the success stories of branding when it comes to products and companies. How about naming celebrities that do a great job of branding themselves?

“The Kardashians,” instantly replies the “Shark Tank” star.  “They automatically come to mind. You’ve got to think about it – they actually are really not known for anything…” So true!  “…and yet they’ve become America’s sweethearts, America’s ‘Brady Bunch’ of today.” What a scary idea.

He continues, “Kim has become a fashion icon, a beauty icon. They can brand family, they can brand Hollywood, they can brand beauty. None of it has to be because they sing or dance or anything else.” 

As John notes in his first book, “Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle,” “We all have the same engine under the hood. It’s just that some people understand how to tap into that power.”

John is certainly tapping into his power in a major way. He’s keeping up with the demands of his own FUBU business empire while on the road promoting his powerful new “The Brand Within” book – wherein readers learn how they, too, can make hay via branding. 

He expects to stay just as busy traveling, speaking, meeting and appearing for the next couple of months. He says he’ll know within six weeks what’s in store as far as the next season of his addictive ABC “Shark Tank” show, in which entrepreneurial wannabes and inventors endeavor to get John and his fellow sharks to invest in their wares.

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