Annie Jennings PR Presents Business Marketing Ideas For Success

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Written by Annie Jennings   

Annie_Jennings"Want to be the one everyone wants to work with? Want to be the #1 “go to” person or expert in your topic area?

No problem. Start with a good publicity and promotion strategy. Give yourself the opportunity to reach out to your target market People love to work with people they feel they know already, they love to work with businesses that treat them fairly and they love to work with people they trust. And it’s easy to create a strong business that delivers these there elements of know, love and trust. But most of all, your business strategy should come from your heart.

To create a business model where everyone seems to know your name, be sure to stay visible to your market. You can write articles for your local paper, sponsor community events, buy advertising, initiate an internet marketing campaign, get your business listing online, build a website for your community. The idea is to be seen everywhere.

Create a great experience for your client or customer. They will love you for it and tell others. Lay down a set of principles or rules that your business will abide by when dealing with your customers. Word of mouth can be worth a million dollars to you. But it works both ways, in that good word of mouth will creates lots of success and income for you but bad word of mouth can set the stage for ruin. Rule of thumb? Treat your customers like “a million bucks”!

Offer your clients the opportunity to learn more about your products or services and find out how working with you can help them. The days of the hard sell are over as no one appreciates being “sold” or being treated like a dollar sign. Your clients want to educated. Create a marketing, publicity and promotion campaign that wraps around the principle of empowering your client or customers. They will trust you and when it’s time, they will become your client.

Create a business with products and services in non-stop demand. Your business will enjoy substantial success if your clients know, love and trust you. Always put the customer or client ahead of anything else and guarantee your service and product."

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