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Lorena Sarbu

Lorena Sarbu

Lorena Sarbu

Reverence for the beauty and architecture of design, and prodigy’s innate nature, bestowed itself very early upon Lorena Sarbu. As far back as she could remember, she designed dresses for her dolls made with fabric taken from her mother’s old dresses. It was from these early years that her destiny began to take shape. Born and raised in Romania, Lorena had an early eye for style which began her fascination with fashion.

Having come from a family with a stellar educational background, Lorena credits her father, a world renowned scientist, for instilling in his daughter a determined drive, along with a strong work ethic. After graduating from the specialty Math/Physics high school ranking third in her graduating class, longing for the unbounded opportunity in the United States, Lorena, with her own minimal funding, left Romania and headed to Chicago. Self supporting, Lorena pursued her early passion for design by entering the Chicago Institute for Fashion and Merchandising.

It was there that that her innate creativity soared and the blueprints of many exquisite fabrics and textures began to take form. It was also the city she met her husband Toby Crabel. After moving to Los Angeles and having a son, Lorena continued to pursue her designing career. In the spring of 2009, Lorena opened her flagship boutique in Beverly Hills. Milwaukee’s Third Ward would be next to follow. Combining her own creations with other European designers has created a very rare collection of Europe’s finest women’s clothing. Handpicked exquisite pieces found only in Europe are brought back to the States and made accessible in Lorena’s boutiques.

Whether she is designing her own collection or making sure a celebrity is ready to walk down the red carpet, Lorena ‘s world has been blissfully busy. Her next step is to launch her own line, LORENA SARBU, in both Beverly Hills and Milwaukee in 2010. This line reflects Lorena’s blending of European classic pieces mixed with enticing feminine overtures.

Lorena’s unique flair establishes her very own sensually classic style, taking standard traditional pieces and intertwining it with sexy and elegant flavors. She brings her European sense of style and aesthetic, attention to detail, and love for luxury to every piece of clothing that she creates. It is evident that Lorena places dedication and work ethic into her designs and endeavors, as her passion is displayed throughout her store and her creations.

When they are not abroad, Lorena and Toby share their time between their Beverly Hills and Milwaukee residences.

Phone: 310.246.0515

443 N. Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
United States


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