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Social Media: 3 Twitter Tips to Promote Your Webinars, Courses, Events & Blogs

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Written by Susan Harrow   


A quick and easy strategy to follow when promoting a webinar, course, event or blog post is to create 20 or more tweets and set them up to out every two hours. Since people are up on Twitter at all hours of the day and night you'll reach different audiences. The formula I use for a Twitter Campaign is 2-3 tweets packed with advice, tips, quotes or links to other people's great tips, to one promotional tip with a bit.ly link so you can track your traffic. Here is a quick example of five consecutive tweets over a ten hour time frame.

21 tips for effective communication http://bit.ly/mcWcbl #mediatraining #PRTIP #publicrelations #communications #marketing

Plan prepare & practice so U can be free to be spontaneous. #mediatraining #PRTIP #publicrelations #communications #marketing

Be brisk be upbeat be lively #mediatraining #PRTIP #publicrelations #communications #marketing

Use juxtaposition to illustrate a point. Eli Davidson said, "Men talk like they R laying bricks. Women talk like they R tossing a salad."

Speak in trademarkable phrases that people will remember. Want 21 more tips? http://bit.ly/mcWcbl #mediatraining #PRTIP

1. Follow Winnie the Pooh's advice.
To create community care first, content follows. Once you do this your tribe follows you. Winnie the Pooh says, "You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes." Create content that your followers truly care about. Delight, enlighten or surprise them. One way to do that is to follow the Twitter trends worldwide which show up on your Twitter "home" page. "Watching Harry Potter" is a hot one today. You can delight your audience by telling them something personal about you and Harry Potter or by tying in Harry Potter to a trend in your industry or by relating a Harry Potter-ism to your expertise. Here's one I particularly liked:. @HarryPotterish Half-Blood PrincessĀ Technically the Harry Potter era is coming to an end, but never forget that magic always leaves traces.

2. Be a Crooked Finger.
One of my dear friends has a crooked finger. She doesn't try to hide it. It's part of what makes her original. Define your brand by being a crooked finger. Give advice that only you can give. Your voice, your style, your experience. Too much of what passes for information on Twitter is generic. Stand out and mark your brand with specific, personal and profitable advice.

3. Use Mish Mash Hash.
Use hashtags. If they apply use the current ones that are trending in addition to the ones that most clearly define your content so those who are looking for what you have can find it easily. By using a mish mash of hashtags that related to several different areas of interest in one campaign to publicize a webinar with a blogging expert I tripled my weekly Twitter followers and broadened the type of followers who were specifically looking for the information I was offering.

Share this with your friends who want to become experts in their industry - or anyone you think it would help. We all want to serve and get our gifts out into the world to help others and you'll be doing your part.