How To Create A Competitive Advantage

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Written by Annie Jennings   


Authors, Experts, Analysts Can Create The Ultimate Business Competitive Advantage Using Publicity & Marketing Strategy

How To Create A Competitive Advantage In Your Target Market

Ignite Yourself & Your Business

Kick Up Your Marketing, Communications & Personal Branding Strategy

Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

How To Create The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Want to about ignite yourself and your business?

Add lots of power to our marketing punch!

It's time to empower your careers and businesses by kicking your marketing, communications and personal branding strategy up a notch.

Is it as easy as it sounds?

The idea is expand your exposure to your target market and showcase your expertise, consistently over time. In this way you can add to the power of your positioning within your industry and to your ability to influence your target market's buying decisions,” says National Media Strategist and Publicist, Annie Jennings, founder of the National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR ( Jennings PR is a public relations firm that provides individuals and corporations, as well as authors and experts, with publicity and marketing strategy that helps position them as a leader in their field.

“Want the competitive edge? Build up your professional bio and enhance your reputation by being the quoted or commenting expert in the news, on internet sites, on radio shows and on TV. But keep in mind, that you will only secure media exposure by adding to the conversation that is going on in your industry in an intelligent manner with an experienced point of view,” adds Annie Jennings.

"It’s more important than ever for your clients, both the ones you have and the ones you are targeting, for your commentary to be seen in and heard on the media that is significant to your marketplace,” says Annie Jennings.

Competition is intense as the well capitalized businesses have positioned themselves to not only to preserve their current client base but to secure the new business that is available to them to ensure their survival throughout the recession. This competition (your competition) is using market expansion and communication techniques that allow them to strategically invest their resources.

How should consultants, service providers, experts and businesses spend their publicity and marketing dollars?

For the individual building a career or running a consulting/service oriented business the answer is to become known as an expert in their field, branding themselves as a thought leader and influencer. The expert, consultant or business should be thought of as a person or business whose voice and opinions matter.